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The Valais breed of sheep is named after the canton of Valais in southern Switzerland. Due to their origin and place of residence, Valais sheep have adapted to living in the mountains. Sheep with a special black face are bred as wool and meat animals. 


The first information about Valais sheep dates back to the 15th century, but they became a recognized breed in 1962. Today, these sheep get a lot of attention for their great looks and friendly nature. Thanks to their warm character, they are popular and valuable pets.

black nose sheep.JPG
black-nosed sheep.jpg

In addition to a prominent black face, the Valais sheep also has black ears, knees and feet. Its white wool is rough and curly, which is why it is mostly used for making carpets and felt. 


Imports of Valais black nose sheep from Switzerland have increased in recent years.

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