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1. With a ticket you are allowed to enter the territory and stay there as a visitor. Ticket must be kept until the visiting ends.

2. Kids up to 8 are allowed to visit the farm only with an escort of at least 14 years old.

3. The ticket gives the visitor the right to stay in the area for visitors until the end of the officially established visiting time.

4. The visitors are allowed to take pictures and videos without an extra fee, if they do not exit the area for visitors or violate other requirements of the visiting rules.

5. The visitors are not allowed to:

  • Disturb the animals (chase, run, shout) and feed them with the food, which is not organized by the farm;

  • bring along cats, dogs or other pets, balloons and flying objects (drones, etc.);

  • climb over the fences or climb on them;

  • be under the influence of alcohol or drugs;

  • smoke on the territory (except in places, which are designated for that purpose by the farm);

  • ruin the inventory and plants or litter.

6. The visiting rules must be obeyed by all the visitors on the territory of the Alpaca farm.


1. Each picnic site user must have an entrance ticket of the farm.

2. After closing time you are allowed to stay in the farm only when it is previously agreed upon.

3. It is not allowed to make a campfire on the territory of the farm or be in a drunken state.

4. Smoking is allowed only in the areas for this purpose and are marked respectively.

5. After using the picnic site it is mandatory to clean up and put the garbage into trash cans.

6. The picnic site, buildings and inventory of the farm must be in the same condition as before the picnic. If the inventory of the farm is damaged the contact person of the picnic must inform the farm owner (telephone +372 58121151) and ensure the elimination of the damages at their own expense, unless it is agreed in writing otherwise.

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