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Our story

Alpakafarm OÜ was founded in the spring of 2012 by Kaja from Pärnu and Kai from Norway. Until now, Alpakafarm is the largest camel breeding farm in Estonia. 
In our farm you can meet cute alpacas, llamas and guanacos. In addition, we have goats, mini sheep, Vallais black nose sheep and guinea pigs. Of course, one farm does not lack dogs and cats either. 

How did our story begin?

Around midsummer 2011, we bought the Kännu farm, which had stood without human care for over 20 years. The farmyard was full of overgrown small trees and chest-high grass. Even in the house, the construction of which started in 1989 and only the foundation and first floor walls were completed, large trees grew over the walls.

At first, the plan was to build the farm only as a summer home. Through a sad experience, it became clear quite quickly that in Estonia you cannot leave your home unattended. So we decided to build a tourist farm here. The first thought was accommodation, but then a better idea came: to bring alpacas to Estonia.

Our first alpacas arrived in Estonia from England on May 11, 2012. Initially 14 males, because the females could not be transported due to the approaching calving. Females with cubs caught up in September.


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