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Ouessant is a domesticated sheep that originates from and is named after the island of Ile d'Ouessant in the coastal waters of France. By the 1960s, the breed was almost extinct. Only about 350 animals are said to have survived. There are currently estimated to be around 6,000 Ouessant sheep in Europe. 


It is the smallest breed of sheep in the world, why he is also called the Breton dwarf sheep. 


It is believed that the origin of this sheep dates back to the time of the Vikings. It is assumed that several centuries ago the Vikings left their sheep on the island and the harsh living conditions there adapted them to the sheep we know today. 

Ouessant sheep.jpg

It is characteristic of the breed to give only one offspring. Twins are rare. They are curious, intuitive and smart, sometimes mischievous animals. 


Rams have powerful horns: already at 4-5 months. 


Ouessant wool is dense and double-ply, well suited for knitting yarn. Most of the sheep of this breed are black and brown, there are less white ones. The dwarf sheep is bred mainly for its high-quality wool. 

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