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There are 3 guanacos living in the alpaca farm

The guanaco is a camelid native to South America, closely related to the llama. Guanacos live in dry, open country in the mountains or on the plains mostly in Argentina, Chile, but also in Peru, Bolivia and Patagonia. They have a calm attitude, so people started to domesticate them for use as pack animals.


Guanacos have large eyes with thick lashes to protect them from dust and dirt kicked up by heavy winds. Their ears are large and pointed. But guanacos are excellent runners, reaching speeds of around 60 km per hour.


All guanacos have a thick, wooly coat that can be light brown, brownish yellow, or a rusty red. Their belly, rump, and the backs of the legs are usually white; the head, ears, and nape of the neck are gray. Guanaco fiber is particularly prized for its soft, warm feel and is found in luxury fabric.


They graze on grass and other plants. Guanacos gestation period is up to 11,5 months and usually results in one offspring.

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