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Walking with alpacas

In our farm you can have a walking experience with alpacas.

Please book this in advance here: Jalutuskäik alpakadega – Alpakafarm OÜ

walking with alpacas.JPG

Your experience will begin with a safety briefing and how to successfully lead your alpaca with halters. Once you have been partnered up with your new alpaca you can walk around the farm. There comes guide with you, who can tell interesting facts about alpacas and will be happy to answer to all your questions.

Prices (minimum price is 50€):

1 alpaca + 2 persons 50€

2 alpacas + 2 persons 50€

2 alpacas + 3 persons 65€

3 alpacas + 3 persons 75€

 So every next person pays 15€ and if person wants an alpaca as a mate, then it costs 25€. For example, if there´s a group of four and two alpacas, the total price will be 80€. If all four of you want to lead an alpaca, it will be costing 100€. 
Children up to 14 years (incl.) must be accompanied by one adult. Please note that walking with alpacas is not suitable for small and restless children.

The tour with alpacas lasts approximately one hour. Due to autumns weather conditions we suggest to wear warm clothes and waterproof shoes.

NB! If you wish to go for a walk with your favourite alpaca from our farm, please inform us in advance. We’re giving our best, that your wish will come true.

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