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Is it necessary to book a visit in advance?
There is no need to book your visit in advance. We receive guests during opening hours. Large group visits need to be booked in advance.Read more.
Are you open on holidays?
The alpaca farm is open every day in the summer (01.06-31.08) from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. This means that the farm is also open on public holidays. The fastest and most important information can always be found on our Facebook page. Opening hours.
Can you pay by card?
At the alpaca farm, you can pay both in cash and by card. 
Can animals be given their own food?
Offering your own food, i.e. food purchased outside our farm, to our animals is strictly prohibited! You can buy carrots sliced into good pieces from us to feed the animals.
Familiarize yourself with the internal regulations of the farm. 
Can I visit your farm with my pet?
Visiting our farm with your pet is not allowed. This also applies to well-behaved animals. Strange animals disturb our animals and their rhythm of life. Familiarize yourself with the internal regulations of the farm. 
Can animals be touched?
The animals of the alpaca farm can be petted and touched on the neck and back. Touching animals on the head is not allowed, as it is repugnant to them. Animals should be approached calmly, not aggressively. Touching our farm dogs,  Eila and Keity is not allowed. Familiarize yourself with the internal regulations of the farm. 
Why is animal viewing only from behind the fence?
In the alpaca farm, you can see the animals from behind the fence. It is forbidden to enter the garden. This is for several reasons:
1) Since the farm is visited by hundreds of people a day during the season, it is inevitable that there will be those who do not adhere to our internal rules. This means that both animals and other visitors are disturbed;

2) A fence separating people gives animals a sense of security. This means that the animal can move away from the person if necessary. 
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