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Cameroon goats are the representatives of the group of pigmy goats, which were brought from their native land Africa. These goats have short, recurved horns; they also have a beard and big straight ears, like in a common goat. The tail is small and points up. Their color can range from light/white caramel, medium caramel, dark caramel, dark red caramel, silver or light grey agouti, medium grey agouti, dark grey agouti, black with frosted points, solid black and brown agouti.


In the natural habitats, the wild Cameroon goats prefer to live in large groups. They are known for their cheerful nature, excellent health and inexhaustible energy in communication with people. These goats can often be found in funny situations as they have a stubborn personality, meaning if they have to reach someplace high or fit someplace small, they will try so as hard as they can.


Cameroon goats have the natural passion for high jumps and tree climbing. These goats are small in size. Females weigh about 23 to 34 kilograms, and males about 27 to 39 kg. The body length is 65-70cm. The height at the shoulder is up to 50cm.


They are not fussy about food. Like the other goats they like greens and cabbage, hay and forage. As for the amount of food they eat, it is 5-7 times less than the amount eaten by their larger congeners.


The gestation period is around 5 months, which results in one to three children. Cameroon goats are well-developed as soon as they are born: they can stand on their own. In three months, the offspring is fully active.


Pygmys are considered meat goats, but provide small amounts of high quality milk, though they are mainly raised as pets.

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