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Visiting our farm


Before your visit, we ask you to familiarise yourself with our internal rules and visiting guidelines on our website or information boards on site. All for the happiness and welfare of both the animals and yourself.


Prior to your entrance to the site, you may park your car or lock your bike. Ticket(s) can be purchased at the ticket office near the entrance. You may also purchase snacks for our animals. We accept both cash and credit cards. 


Having read our guidelines, visitors may walk around by themselves. Though we have lovely guides on site every day, who are happy to answer to all of your questions. Information about animals is also available on information boards.

We also welcome you to our farm shop filled with great souvenirs and knitwear for the whole family - all made from luxurious and warm alpaca wool!


Our farm does not have a cafe, but soft drinks and tea and coffee can be purchased in our shop. You are welcome to have a picnic as we have tables and benches on site.


We advise you to dress according to the weather. High heels and white sneakers are not recommended as they will most probably lose their initial colour or shape :)


Opening hours

In summer (June, July, August) we are open every day from 10 to 18!

Last entrance: 30 minutes before closing.

We also take group bookings, which have to be pre-confirmed. The group visit consists of a private tour of the farm, your own personal guide and carrots for the animals. During the tour, you will meet our various animals, hear stories about the farm and have the opportunity to learn about alpaca wool and visit the hostess' farm shop.

The group tour takes approximately an hour.


We wish for you to have a wonderful and memorable time with us. For that, please take a moment to understand the needs of our animals.


  • Animals are not robots, who are designed to greet and welcome everyone the same way.

  • Alpacas, like many other animals, have great intuition. Meaning, they sense nervousness and bad thoughts. Alpacas are not aggressive, nor do they bite. There is no need to be afraid of them. They can even sense fear.

  • Animals do not like loud noises and shouting, rapid movements, running people, and being touched on their head. Like people, they too search for peace and quiet every now and then.

  • Giving our animals food, which you brought and that has not been agreed upon, is strictly prohibited!

  • On busy days, we must limit the selling of snacks for animals, to avoid overfeeding.  Please note that carrots you have purchased are for gaining the animals’ attention, not to feed them.

  • Alpakafarm is guarded by our Polish-Tatra sheepdog Eila, who is not aggressive, but who by her origin has herd guarding characteristics. For Eila, every rapidly running object (e.g. running child) is alarming and has to be stopped. Take this into account in order to avoid misunderstandings.

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