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Group visit

You may visit us with a group.

Please book this in advance by

filling contact form below or writing

Group tour takes you around the farm with a personal guide. You will meet our alpacas, llamas, guanacos, goats, sheep and guinea pigs. The guide will tell stories about the animals and the farm. All questions are welcome!

Group visit costs 4€ per person and minimum 100€ per group. So: if a group has 10 people, the price will  be  100€. If the group has 50 people, the price will be 200€. The price consists of a personal guide and food to feed the animals.
Price for kindergarten and school groups is 4€ per person and the minimum price will also be 100€.

The tour lasts ca 1 hour. After the tour, you are welcome to visit the farm shop and hear more about alpaca wool and try products. 

The tour can be arranged in Estonian, English, Norwegian and Russian.

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